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MedNext Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Define and Declare the Advertising Policy

Dear readers, authors, reviewers, and collaborators of MedNEXT Journal of Medical and Health Sciences,

It is with transparency and responsibility that we present our Advertising Policy, which covers the types of advertisements considered for publication in our journal, the decision process related to the acceptance of these advertisements, and the relationship, or lack thereof, between the advertisements and the content or reader behavior.

MedNEXT Journal of Medical and Health Sciences may serve advertisements that comply with ethical and professional standards established by the scientific and medical community. The types of advertisements considered may include but are not limited to, advertising related to health, medical products and services, and scientific conferences, among others, as long as they are relevant to the magazine's target audience.

The decision to accept advertisements is made by the MedNEXT Journal of Medical and Health Sciences editorial team, which evaluates each proposal based on ethical criteria and relevance to our audience. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement that is considered inappropriate, misleading, or incompatible with the values and objectives of the periodical.

Online advertisements appearing in the MedNEXT Journal of Medical and Health Sciences will not be linked to individual reader behavior. Ad delivery will be determined by general criteria and will not be personalized based on users' specific browsing activities.

Online ad delivery will follow a randomized process, ensuring all readers have an equitable, non-targeted experience. This policy reflects our commitment to balancing funding needs with editorial integrity, ensuring that advertising in our journal is relevant, and ethical, and does not compromise readers' trust in our content.

We appreciate your continued support and encourage any feedback or concerns regarding our advertising policy.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho, MSc. Ph.D., Postdoctoral
Specialist at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.
MedNEXT Journal of Medical and Health Sciences