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Published: 13-05-2022

Major clinical outcomes and analysis of the risk of bias of the advances in cervicofacial liposculture: a systematic review

Julio Garcia Institute Dentistry, Araçatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Julio Garcia Institute Dentistry, Araçatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
ABOMI – Academia Brasileira de Odontologia Militar / Brazilian Academy of Military Dentistry, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / ATO – Academia Tiradentes de Odontologia / Tiradentes Academy of Dentistry, Sao Paulo, Brazil / Sandro Valente Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Liposculpture Fat grafting Lipo contour Facial liposculpture Cervical liposculpture Aesthetics Clinical trials



Introduction: In the context of liposculpture, cervicofacial liposuction involves the application of negative pressure through a hollow cannula in the subcutaneous plane to gently avulse fat cells and accurately sculpt unwanted fat deposits on the face and neck. Furthermore, lipo contouring provides a versatile tool in the facial surgeon's arsenal to achieve the desired facial profile. In 2020, approximately 15.5 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States alone. Objective: A systematic review was carried out on the main clinical results, presenting studies on the risk of bias, and the advances in facial and cervical liposculpture as an important aesthetic tool for the dental surgeon. Methods: The rules of the Systematic Review-PRISMA Platform were followed. The search was carried out from November 2021 to February 2022 in Scopus, PubMed, Science Direct, Scielo, and Google Scholar databases. Results: 64 articles were found involving liposculpture. A total of 32 articles were fully evaluated and 14 were included and developed in the present study. Considering the Cochrane tool for risk of bias, the overall assessment did not result in significant risk of bias studies. The Funnel Plot showed symmetrical behavior. Twenty-five studies did not meet the GRADE. Most patients who were involved in the studies showed improvements in facial augmentation and contouring. In patients with loss of facial volume, high-density fat transfer with the facial injection of SVF-gel resulted in significantly higher improvement scores and better patient satisfaction. Conclusion: According to the main clinical studies selected in the present study, cervicofacial liposculpture proved to be safe and effective. In patients with loss of facial volume, high-density fat transfer with a facial injection of SVF-gel resulted in significantly higher improvement scores and better patient satisfaction. Still, the results of the studies showed that the level of self-confidence and mental health-related quality of life can be significantly improved after facial lipofilling treatment.


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